Inside Out


Quick stats about the movie

Maggie, agoraphobic and terrified of leaving her apartment, has been trapped inside for months.

Desperate for human contact, yet terrified by what lies outside her door, her home is the only safe refuge in a world filled with fear and anxiety.

As she watches her building’s security camera, she notices that other residents are disappearing. Can she find within herself the strength to venture out and confront her fears?

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Damian Kuehn
Producer: Bongani Ngugama

Director’s statement

Damian Kuehn says:

“The story for Inside Out started out as a simple Hitchcockian mystery/drama, whereby a woman fears for her life as people disappear from her building.

As I started to develop her character, however, I became more and more interested in her affliction; she suffers from agoraphobia, condition where the sufferer becomes anxious in unfamiliar social situations.

In extreme cases some sufferers choose to stay indoors, never venturing out of their homes. I did intensive research into the mental health issue, talking to psychiatrists and reading about peoples’ experiences with the condition online.

The story then began to focus less on the actual events, and more on the main characters’ interpretations of the events.

Inside Out was my first dramatic film and as such I worked very hard to push the production as much as I could on my very limited budget. We shot the entire film in two days, working at a breakneck pace.

The cast and crew were amazing and really made this film happen, working exceptionally long days with an astoundingly positive attitude.

Special thanks to the following people: actors Courtney Vye and Rob Carpenter, cinematographers Nathan Drillot and Thom Stitt and composer Ryan Chow.”

About Damian Kuehn


Damian graduated from Simon Fraser University’s Communications program having studied mass media, sound design, visual arts and music.

He began his career as a graphic designer and art director, managing multi-million dollar projects and teams of artists and photographers.

He has directed and produced short films and music videos and is developing feature length and serial projects through production company CINEMANIFESTO.

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