Quick stats about the movie

A store manager finds the inspiration to stand up to her cheating husband through her relationship with an employee who is transitioning.

Creative team

Director: Elias Campbell
Writer: Brandon Zyma
Producer: Sara Sorochan-Ruland

Filmmaker’s statement

“I made this film as part of Sheridan College’s 2013 advanced television and film program.

Ivy was one of six scripts selected from the screenwriting class and I secured the position as its director. The writer, Brandon Zyma, conceived the core relationship – between the manager and employee who’s transitioning – by witnessing the development of a friendship of that nature at a summer job at Walmart.

I was interested in this story about characters who feel invisible but that are reaching for very human goals.

As a first-time director, my intention for this film was to make something simple and honest that didn’t ever tell the audience how to feel. My hope is that this was more or less achieved.

A big thank you to my incredible cast: Erica Wood, William Ellis and Kent Sheridan, and my producer, Sara Sorochan-Ruland, for making it all happen.”

About Elias Campbell

Elias Campbell

Elias Campbell is a writer/director based in Toronto.

He works as the development coordinator at film and television production company, Blue Ice Pictures, and is currently developing a number of feature and television scripts of his own.

He is also co-writing and co-producing a web series called The Participant about a young woman’s last days on earth before a one way trip to Mars – to be released in January 2015.

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