John vs. The Parents

John vs. The Parents

Quick stats about the movie

John, an unsuccessful man-child and failed musician, comes up with a perfect plan to get money from his wealthy, unsupportive father.

John soon finds out that his father has some skeletons hidden in his closet, and the plan quickly spirals out of control.

Creative team

Writer/director: Shikher Kalyan
Producer: Emily Sudds

Filmmaker’s statement

I love making comedy films with a message. It has always been my first choice as it brings a smile to peoples’ faces. The concept of this film came to my mind years ago when one of my best friends casually mentioned it when he was going through a similar phase.

It is a fun little comedy of errors but also throws some light on how people feel entitled to something even when they don’t do anything to deserve it.

A huge credit on this film goes to the actors as they were great at improvising and we did a lot of on-the-spot changes, trying to make it funnier for the audience, but it turned out to be a nightmare for the technical crew (big thanks to them for their hard work). In the end, it all turned out great!

About Shikher Kalyan

Shikher Kalyan

Shikher Kalyan is an aspiring writer/director. In 2012, he did his undergrad in mass communication and journalism at Amity University, Noida, in India. While studying he made a number of short films and also won the award for best story in the All India Mobile Film Festival.

In 2015, Shikher got his first job as a third assistant director on a well-known Indian sitcom, Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain? He then worked as a second assistant director on another sitcom, May I Come in Madam.

In 2016, he came to Canada to pursue his post-graduate studies in filmmaking. He did advanced television and film at Sheridan College. During that period he directed a lot of short projects and two major short films. He also worked as an assistant director and PA on many different projects.

In 2017, after graduating, he got offered work as an assistant director for a Discovery Channel docudrama TV show.

He is currently working as an AD on television shows, along with his passion projects.

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