Quick stats about the movie

A rediscovered love for a childhood pastime heals the pain of heartbreak for Lucky as he finds the resolve to play the biggest ball-hockey game of his life.

An exploration of Canadian culture, Kodiak is a story of passion, love and understanding. Set against the backdrop of an urban Canadian city, this is a film for anyone who has dreamed of making it big and the families and friends that cheer them on.

Creative team

Writer: Allen Morrison
Director: Andrew MacLeod
Producer: Darlene Choo

Director’s statement

Andrew MacLeod says:

“As an artist I want to create fresh and high quality original material. The goal for Kodiak was to experiment in a lot of ways.

With the use of strong images and an alternate narrative structure, my purpose was to tell a familiar story in a new way.

The experience of making Kodiak was awesome. I had a tonne of creative freedom, got to work with so many talented people and made a film the whole family can enjoy.”

About Andrew MacLeod


Andrew’s love for acting and theatre began with a Nova Scotia high school troupe: The Kings County Academy Players.

He went on to study acting and directing at Dalhousie University in Halifax and migrated to Vancouver to continue theatre studies at UBC. Andrew parlayed his strong technical skills and keen eye into a career in the Vancouver film industry with a focus on lighting and gaffing.

Selection by Jeff Wall to be gaffer on elaborate film-like photography shoots propelled Andrew to new heights in lighting experience and opportunities with a variety of DOPs (director of photography) and directors.

Andrew continued personal directing pursuits on the side. In 2004, he accomplished a groundbreaking stop-motion music video Nightmare for rap sensation Josh Martinez, and in 2005 received a Factor grant to shoot Martinez’ Just a Dood music video on 35mm film.

These projects led to a new personal goal of directing a dramatic short film and, Kodiak, the ball hockey movie, was born.

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