Le carnivore


Quick stats about the movie

A young woman is caught between the love of her life and the terrifying horrors that exist in her world.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Michael Treder

Filmmaker’s statement

To me, Le carnivore has always been about the things we’re willing to compromise for love. I believe that it’s as much a drama as it is a horror film – somewhat straddling the line between ‘love story’ and ‘monster flick.’

Playing with personal fears, infidelity and social taboos, Le carnivore is set in a strange world, not terribly unlike our own.

My little film tells the story of a girl and a boy surrounded by the horrifying realities in their lives.

An early logline for the film was: “Tous les hommes sont des chiens,” which translates to “All men are dogs.” But we felt that might’ve been a little too on the proverbial snout.

About Michael Treder

Michael Treder

Born and raised on the Canadian prairies, Michael Treder is an author, playwright and award-nominated filmmaker. He currently calls Montreal home.

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