One Night in Aberdeen


Quick stats about the movie

On 08/08/08, as the Super 8 motel chain is on the brink of a massive change, two career loners – a traveller and a townie – have a chance encounter in the motel bar. In the blurry midnight hours, they slowly learn each other’s secrets.

Creative team

Writers: Charles Netto, Mark Hopkins
Director: Brett Ferster
Producer: Jayson Therrien

Filmmaker’s statement

This film feels almost counter-intuitive to what shorts often are lately.

When so many things are showy in style or gritty in tone – and under 10 minutes – I wanted to see how well we could create something different from that approach. I have always been drawn to classical filmmaking and building stories that envelop you over time so that’s what I set out to do here.

And, realistically, I didn’t know if we could make a subtle, engaging character study in the short film format. So the challenge was set.

Thankfully, we got really lucky with our cast. The talent of our two leads really created a unique chemistry to elevate the film.

Audiences have told me that roadside motels have never looked the same after seeing the film so I suppose that means the film has persisted in their memories and has been a success.

About Brett Ferster

Brett Ferster

Having been raised in the UK, Norway, Indonesia, Mexico and Canada, Brett grew up immersed in cultures and stories from around the world.

These experiences probably seeped into his subconscious and guided him toward the idea of crafting stories, through film, as a career.

After gaining a BFA from the University of Lethbridge, he quickly started working in the industry, and pursuing ideas that interested him.

The work he directs is often described as genuine, engaging, entertaining and visually compelling.

He has won a handful of awards for his last short film, One Night in Aberdeen, and is working to cement his foothold as a professional director of narrative and commercial work.

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