Quick stats about the movie

After witnessing a sexual assault, a succubus hunts down the rapist and exacts vengeance.

Creative team

Writer/director/co-producer: Rogan Christopher
Co-producer: Sammie Astaneh

Filmmaker’s statement

Lilith was, at its inception, about creating a collective. It was about coming together as filmmakers to conjure something out of thin air; to realize a vision. It was also a conscious attempt to build relationships, and to get better as filmmakers. I am proud to say we achieved all three.

In terms of the story, it’s a neo-noir revenge film about a vigilante succubus named Lilith.

Why a succubus? It’s an interesting creature, conceptually. I see it as an empowered female – a dark heroine in certain respects who derives her power from human (in this case male) sexuality. The really interesting thing is that her power comes from the male libido. Her weapon is her sexuality.

To me, she’s a pulp character. She’s a femme fatale. Neo-noir is a natural style for her world. It’s also one of my favourite genres. Films like Mulholland Dr., Seven, Oldboy, Mulholland Falls and Collateral are some of my all-time favourites.

The idea of using supernatural elements in the neo-noir world this way was something I hadn’t seen before. In that respect, we used a palette inspired by modern neo-noir: rich in purples, blues and reds.

Lilith was also an exercise in visual language – I wanted to do a silent film so I did not have the crutch of dialog to lean on in order to tell the story. In tandem with silence, I knew music would be a big part of this. I was so lucky to be able to work with Vancouver music producer – and good friend – Jason Corbett on the original score.

This project was a true collaboration in every sense, and both a joy and privilege to have led the team on.

About Rogan Christopher

Rogan Christopher

A graduate of both Queen’s University and the legendary Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre conservatory in New York City, Rogan has spent time working briefly in corporate finance and business intelligence before beginning a career in film and television.

He began his career as an actor, performing in various Canadian and American television series (Nikita, Reign, Saving Hope, Bitten), TV movies and independent film.

On his first independent feature, Footsteps (a drama about a young Afghanistan veteran re-integrating to life in a small mid-western town), Rogan served as a producer as well as lead talent. It won best picture and best actor at the 2012 Mississauga Independent Film Festival.

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