The Craftsman

The Craftsman short film

Quick stats about the movie

One solider’s fight against PTSD through rebuilding the limbs of his fellow soldiers.

Creative team

Writer/director: Sina Sultani
Producer: Natalee Rawat

Filmmaker’s statement

This film is dedicated to those who have fought for their countries only to return to a new, more personal battlefield.

About Sina Sultani

Sina Sultani

As one of the first Afghan-Canadian science fiction filmmakers, Sina has served as a writer, director, producer, cinematographer and editor on a number of short film productions.

After graduating with a master’s degree in plant sciences and working in his field for a few years, Sina decided to throw his degree in the garbage and pursue his half-lifelong dream of screenwriting.

After authoring a number of terrible 200-plus million dollar screenplays that no one would be interested in producing, he decided to shift his focus to mastering his production and writing skills through developing science fiction short films.

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