Little Plank Walk


Quick stats about the movie

This spoken word and experimental saxophone piece uses video and animation to explore rock ‘n’ roll, sexuality and subversive social behaviour.

Creative team

Writer: Alice Hamilton
Director/producer: Carolyn Doucette

Writer’s statement

Alice Hamilton says:

Little Plank Walk is a tale of the lures and perils of rock n’ roll music and is informed by a collision of early and new adventures, the incantations of skipping rhymes and an enduring interest in poly-vocal experiments and sudden attacks of poetry on an unsuspecting public, perpetrated by poets like, the great Canadian bpNichol and his poly-vocal group, The Four Horsemen.

The notation system I used to compose this poem has been informed by my recent musical training and references a 1930 composition for spoken chorus Fuge aus der Geographie (The Geographical Fugue) a work which credited Viennese composer Ernst Toch with the invention of  “Gespoken (spoken) Musik”.

Poets and Dadaists had long been trying to conceive of ways to convince large groups of normal people to exclaim nonsense in public but it was Toch, distinguished composer of symphonic music, operas and film scores, who achieved this in a uniform and dignified fashion through the application of conventional musical (rhythmic) notation to speech in four parts.

The rock ’n’ roll onomatopoeia used for background is an allusion to the oeuvre of the magical Little Richard who transformed my world when I discovered him on TV as a child.”

About Carolyn Doucette


A video and new media artist with a BFA from the University of Victoria (2004), Carolyn Doucette’s work has screened in Edges Canadian Short Film and Media Arts Festival in Victoria, BC, 2007, the 7th Annual One Minute Film and Video Festival in Aarau, Switzerland, 2010, Visible Verse film and video festival, Vancouver, BC, 2010 and the Contemporary Audio-Visual Art Festival (MADATAC) Madrid, Spain, 2010, where Little Plank Walk won the Premios MADATAC Award.

She currently lives on Vancouver Island, BC and is writing and directing a video / animation hybrid entitled, Love Among the Stones.

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