Julie’s Story


Quick stats about the movie

Julie’s Story is a film that documents one woman’s courageous journey through healing and cancer.

The story of cancer is one of life, of destruction, of hope, and of transformation.

Julie fell in love with a man after he had been diagnosed with cancer. Her story is inspiring, emotional, and engaging.

Creative team

Director: Mark Hemmings
Producer: Hemmings House Pictures

Director’s statement

Mark Hemmings says:

“This film was shot by myself and Lauchlan Ough, and our goal was to see if DSLR video technology would work with commercial video. We shot the b-roll sequences with a Nikon D90, and even though it is not full HD it works perfectly (Full HD is not always necessary for most non-TV commercial videos).

The story is a heartwarming journey of loss and hope, and we wanted the filming to be as emotive as possible. We utilized selective focusing with Nikon lenses, color balance changes for mood, and contrast options for a ‘film look.’

The main soundtrack song Where I Belong by Matt Gilman and Cory Asbury fit the story perfectly.

We loved the results of the camera experimentation, and hopefully our viewers will as well.”

About Mark Hemmings


Mark is a 10 year veteran behind the lens and is the newest member of Hemmings House Pictures as director of photography.Mark’s first foray into camera work was in 1999 when he auspiciously landed work in Japan. After returning home to Canada in 2000 he worked as on-set stills photographer for feature films.

He quickly became enamored with directing and DOP work and became a short filmmaker, gaining him international attention.

His first short film entitled Geist was purchased by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and was aired nationally and at festivals around the world.

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