Quick stats about the movie

Sarah returns home with a surprise for her abusive husband Walter: a pig mask. Walter thinks he may have knocked something loose in Sarah’s head.

When Sarah says it’s to spice things up in the bedroom Walter asks “What do I have to do?”

Creative team

Writer: Tyrel Boelsma
Director: Juan Riedinger
Producer: Wade Fennig

Director’s statement

Juan Riedinger says:

“I directed Pigmalion for the Vancouver Film School’s writing department. It was done through the Portfolio Shorts program, which allows student writers from VFS to see their words come to life.

Writing students go through the production process with a professional director and crew, as their entire film is shot in 3.5 hours using limited locations.

I’ve done a number of these now, and I enjoy the process thoroughly. It’s like boot camp for a filmmaker. Having only 3.5 hours to shoot a film forces everyone to be on top of their game, and it’s quite surprising what you can put out in very little time.

For Pigmalion, I was paired with a talented writer named Tyrel Boelsma. Tyrel’s story was very dark and quite original. This made for a twisted little film that will entertain some people (and might offend others). I had a blast making it!”

About Riedinger

Juan Riedinger

A graduate of the University of Calgary’s theatre program, Juan began his career as an actor, appearing in numerous film and television productions including Jennifer’s BodyThe Day the Earth Stood Still,FringeSanctuarySmallville and Supernatural.

Wanting to explore the other side of the camera, Juan has recently ventured into the world of directing, having completed ten short films in two years. His directorial debut – a project called Shark Out of Water – landed him nominations for British Columbia ’s Leo Awards in four categories, including Best Short Drama and Best Direction in a Short Drama.

Juan hopes to use the knowledge he garnered through making short films to direct a feature-length project in the near future.

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