Murdoch’s Other Eye


Quick stats about the movie

Stewart began his corporate life full of enthusiasm and bright ideas, eager to prove himself with dynamism and imagination.

Bureaucracy and lack of recognition have worn him down but his imagination is still looking for an outlet. His fascination with Murdoch’s eye patch becomes the focal point of his daydreams.

Creative team

Writer/producer: Stephen Kunc
Director/producer: Katherine Fitzgerald

Director’s statement

Katherine Fitzgerald says:

“Murdoch’s Other Eye is the first film collaboration between writer/producer Steven Kunc and me.

It took six weeks to conceive, write, shoot and post the film on a very modest budget. I roped in my students, colleagues and actor friends.

The challenge was to portray a man’s inner life, which is at odds with his outer life, and the trouble he gets into when these two worlds intersect.

I opted for a neo-noir look and used sound as a way of underlining Stewart’s personal perception of ordinary people, places and things. I was fortunate to work with some very talented actors who were able to use body language and facial expressions to bring subtle humour to the roles.

Working with a small budget and tight timeline was both challenging and rewarding and I learned a great deal about filmmaking and collaboration, which I was able to bring to my next film Outward Gate.

I was also able to add to my creative team, and have worked with composer Meiro Stamm, and editor Maureen Nolan on all my subsequent films.”

About Katherine Fitzgerald


Katherine Fitzgerald is a Toronto-based director and Gemini and DGC award-winning sound editor.

A graduate of the 2008 Women In the Director’s Chair workshop she has directed five short films which have screened internationally including Bread & KissesOutward Gate and Murdoch’s Other Eye.

She is the recipient of the Centennial College @Wallace Studios WIDC Alumnae Award for The Fixer & the Swimmer (written by Stephen Kunc) and her feature The Lockmaster (co-written with Stephen Kunc), received development funding from the Corus Made with Pay Fund.

Katherine is a graduate of the Advanced Television and Film Program at Sheridan Institute; presently a participant in the OSEB Independent Television Producers program at Centennial College; and is in development on a second feature, Scalpel.

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