Lookout short film

Quick stats about the movie

Gaining elevation is a very complex concept. The higher we ascend, the more removed we are from normal everyday affairs but, the broader our gaze becomes, the more profound our sense of our situation in the world.

Lookout is a personal experimental documentary that examines this kind of elevation or ‘lookout’ through the discovery of human ashes atop a mountain and a distinct, yet fragmented, audio collage of 80’s mix cassette tapes.

Creative team

Writers: Kyath Battie, Terra Long
Director/producer: Kyath Battie

Filmmaker’s statement

Lookout attempts to make sense of a five-year existential discovery, started in 2008, of found human ashes atop Pkols (Mt. Douglas Park) in Victoria, BC. The site-specific location of this unusual discovery then became the point of reference and perspective of who and what I filmed.

At the same time I was filming, I was also working on an audio collage that consisted of cutting 80’s cassette tapes together. Although seemingly incongruent to each other, both filming and the sound project were connected through impermanence, nostalgia and an anonymous death.

About Kyath Battie

Kyath Battie

Kyath Battie is a filmmaker and experimental media artist with specific interests in mysteries, landscapes and sound design.

Her work ranges from personal and observational documentaries to atmospheric spatial explorations of space. Her work also involves large-scale viewership, often creating a fine line between a cinematic and still photographic experience.

She teaches in the Department of Cinema at Denison University in Ohio.

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