Your Place or Mine

Your Place or Mine short film

Quick stats about the movie

One night, Annie and Danny meet at a bar, feel a spark and decide to go home together – but whether they go to his place or hers determines the path their relationship takes: short-lived lust or lasting love?

Your Place or Mine is a short, sexy, nuanced piece about the power of first impressions and how easy it can be to miss out on someone when trying to follow our instincts and our hearts.

Creative team

Writer: Karen Moore
Director: Jessica Joy Wise
Producers: Karen Moore, Jessica Joy Wise, Jason Kennedy

Filmmaker’s statement

One night, while looking at (judging) my (now ex-) boyfriend over dinner, I wondered what would have happened if we’d gone back to his dumpy boy apartment the first time we went home together, instead of my (legitimately nicer) place.

And not just the aesthetics – what if we had stumbled on the potential red flags right out of the gate? Drug use … Crazy ex-girlfriend calling in the middle of the night … Defensiveness … You get the idea. Would we have pursued the relationship? Or walked away from the hook-up thinking “That was fine, but I don’t think I’m missing out on anything here.”

Your Place or Mine is about how we present ourselves in those initial hours with someone new – what do we show and hide? And how easily our instincts can be clouded by lust or comfort, judgement or kindness.

The choices we make when following our hearts can never be proven as the right ones, but we stand behind them nonetheless – clinging to our romantic fatalism. Because what other choice do we have?

Director Jessica Joy Wise and I are clearly romantics, and wanted to tell this story with all the nuances of love. These are big decisions determined by little moments – a glib comment, a simple gesture, a meaningful touch – and can swing the outcome one way or the other. Your Place or Mine tells the story of two strangers following their instincts as they are led down directly opposing paths.

We shot the film over two days – one day at her place, one day at his – and in that way they almost felt like two separate short films.

Alex Paxton-Beesley and Keon Alexander were absolute pros at allowing Annie and Danny to feel consistent, yet completely distinct in the opposing versions of the night – and in their conviction about what happened between them after the fact.

Like proper hopeless romantics, we like to believe Annie and Danny stayed together. Either way, we’re thrilled to share Your Place or Mine and let you decide for yourself.

They stayed together.

– Karen Moore

About Karen Moore

Karen Moore

Karen Moore is an award-winning Toronto-based writer and producer of narrative television and films. She is a writer and co-producer on both seasons of the hit CBC comedy series Workin’ Moms, currently in development with CBC Kids on a Digital Original series, and is part of the 2018 NSI Features First program with her feature film, Must Kill Karl.

Her television writing and story editing credits include Rookie Blue for ABC/Global and the CraveTV Original, What Would Sal Do? She has written for Rookie Blue’s digital series Stakeout, Rookie Blue’s In Session and Saving Hope’s Last Call. Both In Session and Last Call were nominated for 2013 Digi Awards.

Karen is the writer and producer of the award-winning BravoFACT dark comedy short film, Must Kill Karl, which was an official selection at the Austin Film Festival and acquired for broadcast by CBC’s Canadian Reflections.

She wrote and produced the BravoFACT drama, Your Place or Mine, and the award-winning short, Frozen Marbles. She is a graduate of Ryerson University’s Radio and Television Arts program (BA).

About Jessica Joy Wise

Jessica Joy Wise is the director/co-producer of the BravoFACT dramatic short Your Place or Mine (2012).

She studied at the University of Toronto (Religion + Philosophy), the Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design (BFA), The School of the Art Chicago Institute of Art (Film), and The Canadian Film Center (Directors Lab + The Short Dramatic Film Program).

Co-writer/co-director of the acclaimed feature, Metal: A Headbangers Journey (2005), it garnered a Gemini nomination for Best Directing and won a Gemini for Best Writing (2007).

Her short documentary Thirst (2002) screened at Taipei International Film Festival (2003), Vancouver International Film Festival (2002), CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival (2003), Hot Docs International Documentary Film Festival (2002), and at art venues in Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Serbia, and throughout the United States.

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