Motorino short film

Quick stats about the movie

Can technology guide us to true romance? A shy woman takes a chance on love on an internet scooter forum.

Creative team

Writer: Abigail Winter
Director: Kevin Walker
Producers: Tamara Almeida, Aris Athanasopoulos, Kevin Walker

Filmmaker’s statement

Motorino can be summed up by its opening quote from Anaïs Nin: “And the day came when the risk it took to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

It’s a well-worn trope – that of the self-doubting city girl, shy and isolated, only to be coaxed out of her shell by Mr. Right. All done under the well-weathered umbrella, and long bled-out genre of romantic comedy. How could I twist this? How could I make this just a little stranger? How could I make this mean something to me and, in turn, perhaps to you?

I decided to focus on the character’s subtle experience of allowing her heart to open just a crack. What kind of light might get in? Her journey is noble – the heroic leap of faith into the unknown. Only with great risk comes great reward.

The film was split in two halves, both influenced by Italian cinema. The first half maintains the stoic tone of Dario Argento, while the second half incorporates the movement and romanticism of Federico Fellini. The beginning is cold and isolating, noted by blue tones, stillness and foley while the remaining half, as she ventures into romance, is in warmer tones, fluid camera movement and live sound.

Opening the film, I purposely kept Tamara only partly in frame, somewhat disembodied, to create a sense of her character’s disconnection to herself. It was also my intent, hence Argento, to create a sense of horror mirroring her fear of the unknown world. My ultimate aim was to leave the audience smiling and inspired by the joyful surprises life lends if you allow it.

It’s my sincerest hope you enjoy!

About Kevin Walker

Kevin Walker

Kevin Walker is an award-winning actor, songwriter, filmmaker and builder. He is a three-time Dora Mavor Moore Award nominee, and one-time recipient.

Recent screen credits include The Rainbow Kid (TIFF), Go in the Wilderness (Festival du Nouveau Cinema) and Parkdale.

He is a graduate of the Canadian Film Centre and Ryerson University.

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