Margo Lily


Quick stats about the movie

A couple goes ahead with a placenta burial ceremony in their backyard despite suffering the loss of their baby. But with the earth frozen, their conflicting emotions surface when they can’t dig a hole. Refusing to give up, they find an unlikely way to help heal their broken hearts.

Creative team

Co-writer/co-director: Dane Clark, Linsey Stewart
Producers: Jordan Gross, Mike MacMillan

Filmmaker’s statement

Dane Clark and Linsey Stewart say:

“The way people deal with grief in the wake of tragedy is a subject matter that has always been intriguing to us. Though this sort of content can be a little morose and depressing, there’s something very beautiful and raw in how we take the first steps towards moving forward. This is what we wanted to explore.

The genesis of Margo Lily came to us when we read an article about couples planting a placenta to commemorate the birth of their child. Sometimes known as a Birth Tree or Tree of Life, the placenta is given back to the earth so the child and tree grow happily together. Though this is normally a beautiful and happy occasion, we couldn’t help but think, what if it wasn’t? What if the birth had a tragic turn of events? The thought of it broke our hearts, and we knew we had to tell this story.

The death of a child is something that often tears couples apart but we wanted to show how this couple was able to reconnect and start to heal themselves through this moment. Though we have never experienced this situation ourselves, we both felt deeply affected by their need and determination to carry out the very thing they said they would do. There was catharsis in what could have been a very somber event and we thought there was something very powerful about that sort of juxtaposition.

Production wise, we shot this film over one chilly November night in our rented backyard with a fabulous crew. We’d each written films that Rachel Wilson and Aaron Poole had starred in and we knew if anyone could pull off the emotional subtleties it would be them. Thankfully they accepted our offer and thankfully they nailed it.

We’re thrilled to be sharing it with you today.”

About Dane Clark & Linsey Stewart


Linsey Stewart and Dane Clark met during their Writers’ Lab stint at the Canadian Film Centre in 2008. They became best friends, fell in love, wrote scripts and are now engaged to be wed. Their first collaboration as writers/directors was on the short film Long Branch, which won Best Short at Calgary, the NSI Online Short Film Festival, Lakeview and Short Of The They also won Best Directors at Yorkton, and were nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award. It was gratefully made a Vimeo Staff Pick and named to the 2012 Viewfinder List of the Top 10 Shorts as voted on by Hollywood Execs.

Their next short, Margo Lily, premiered in Telefilm’s Not Short On Talent program at Cannes and they just wrapped post on their crowdfunded feature film I Put A Hit On You. They were recently named People To Watch in 2013 by the Toronto Star and have been brought on to rewrite and direct a coming of age comedy for Sony Pictures.

Individually, Linsey worked on the hit CBC series Being Erica and Dane’s Praxis-winning script Old Stock was produced through CFC Features and distributed by eOne.

Dane and Linsey are represented by Creative Artists Agency in the US, The Characters in Canada, and are managed by Jeff Silver.

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