Glue short film

Quick stats about the movie

Tom’s job is not as demanding as he would like his wife, Sophie, to believe. When Tom is nervous that Sophie might be suspicious, he decides to come home early and finds Sophie has changed the banality of their relationship with a single tube of glue.

Creative team

Co-writer: Cathy Ostlere
Co-writer/director: Michal Lavi
Producers: Eric Becker, Shirley Vercruysse

Filmmaker’s statement

Michal Lavi says:

“Based on a short story by the famous Israeli author, Etgar Keret, Glue‘s premise is simple: Sophie and Tom are an ordinary married couple. They lead an ordinary life. They live in an ordinary house, in an ordinary city. Tom has an ordinary job … and an affair.

On the morning the story begins, Tom feels uneasy. Fearing his wife might suspect the true reason for his constant late days in the office, he decides to come home early and finds that Sophie changed the course of their relationship with a single tube of glue.

The story of Glue is magic: expansive in theme and concise in dramatic arc. To me, Glue is a modern urban legend, a love story, with all the necessary ingredients: suspense, betrayal, fantasy, a twist, and a kiss which, in this version, awakens the prince.

Sophie’s character holds endless fascination for me. She is vulnerable yet strong, betrayed but undefeated, adventurous, humorous and incredibly romantic. Or is she?

While the film has a clear ending, whatever happens to Tom and Sophie, after the film is done, is left for the private imagination of the viewer.”

About Michal Lavi


Michal Lavi is an independent filmmaker who lives and works in Calgary, Alberta.

She has written, directed and produced four short films: Tying the Not, Arithmetic – Annie’s Life in Numbers and I Liked You Better Before and Glue.

Her films played in festivals all over the world both in Canada, the US, Europe and Australia. Glue is still on its festival run and will be playing in Warsaw next. Currently, Michal is working on two shorts and on a feature length script.

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