Mattress short film

Quick stats about the movie

After Little Boy Lee and his family dump an old mattress in an alley, the mattress sparks an all-out suburban war. Dodging rotten eggs and Molotov cocktails, it’s up to the youngest member of the Lee family to do the right thing.

Creative team

Writers: Michelle Kee, Quinn Spicker
Director: Michelle Kee
Producers: David Kelso, Emma Peterson

Filmmaker’s statement

I have always envisioned Mattress to be an extension of my overly-indulgent imagination during one strange month when a pale blue mattress was dumped on my garage and began a passive aggressive mini-war between my neighbours.

During that month, the mattress degraded into this disgusting big blue eyesore that had been spat on, peed on and even run over. The mystery of how and when the mattress ended up in the alley and the emotion it sparked between my neighbours fascinated me. We actually filmed this story in the same alley as the original inspiration.

Mattress​ is, in a sense, an epic retelling of this incident from the perspective of the ‘dump and ditchers’ – specifically the youngest member of the family, Little Boy Lee.

Every scene is from the perspective of Little Boy Lee. I wanted the film to be funny and a little bit of a ride as the situation in the alley continues to escalate.

While the film is meant to be entertaining, at its very core it’s a story about a little boy coming of age. It’s about Little Boy Lee learning that actions can lead to disastrous consequences and the differences between family and world values.

About Michelle Kee

Michelle Kee

Michelle Kee lived in Singapore, the UK and the USA before laying down roots in Vancouver, Canada.

Graduating from Simon Fraser University, she has directed one short film and two music videos.

Her latest work is a music video for Canadian hip-­hop veteran Moka Only for his single No.

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