The Looking Glass

The Looking Glass short film

Quick stats about the movie

As Alice flees the horrors of an apocalyptic wasteland she is blocked by a pair of monstrous conjoined twin brothers. They begin to argue over whether they should eat her but, luckily for Alice, Tweedle-Dum decides that he simply wants to make a friend.

Creative team

Writer: Nuno Soler
Director: Chad Costen
Producers: Elsie Hutchinson, Gloria Bernal, Janelle Day, Sarah Boriskin, Enrique Vazquez Sanchez

Filmmaker’s statement

I was asked to direct this film for round six of the Vancouver Film School’s Compendium series in the entertainment business management program.

The project was designed to produce a series of professional looking and high quality short films by recruiting industry professionals that would pair up with student producers and writers.

Each round of Compendium focused on a specific pre-chosen intellectual property that was developed by the student producers over the course of several weeks. Each short film was also shot in a single 12-hour day, followed by another several weeks of post production.

It was a challenge that required a great deal of communication and patience and there was a sharp learning curve for everyone involved.

I am extremely proud to have been a part of Compendium and am very thankful to the many talented and dedicated people that gave their time and energy to make The Looking Glass as good as it could be.

More specifically, I would also like to thank my dear friend and long-time collaborator Nhick Ramiro Pacis for his beautiful scoring work. This film marks the fifth project that we have collaborated on and I honestly believe great music makes great films.

About Chad Costen

Chad Costen

Chad began his career in animation and props production, having spent many years developing his skills on both personal projects and commercial productions including Honey, I Shrunk the Kids the television series. Chad’s talent and interests range from costume design and creature effects to puppetry and post-production but his main focus has always been storytelling.

His first feature film The Coming was completed in 2008 and has since garnered over two million views on YouTube.

Chad has co-written and directed several short films including Death Wish which was nominated for seven Leo Awards (available on iTunes).

In 2012 he wrote and directed the first two episodes of Gaia, a 12-part web series and, in 2013, won the grand prize in the 3 Gates of the Dead short film competition.

Beyond the director’s chair, Chad remains active in practical visual effects and creature-making, having created and performed ‘Michael’ the zombie spider for episode 11 of Felicia Day’s Geek & Sundry series Written By A Kid and he took up the role as lead puppeteer/co-fabricator for two mermaid creatures featured in the dark fantasy film Charlotte’s Song starring Iwan Rheon from Game of Thrones.

Chad’s next projects include a pilot script, pre-production on a Lovecraftian TV series pilot entitled The Music Of Erika Zann starring Magda Apanowicz (Continuum/The Green Inferno), and the continued development of two new feature film projects: Life Eternal and Mister Sandman.

Chad was honored in 2014 with the Chad Costen Foundation Program Scholarship which is awarded to a new student entering the foundation visual art and design program at the Vancouver Film School.

Coincidentally, Chad was himself a full-scholarship recipient and graduate of the VFS film production program in 2003, the same institution where he now teaches directing, pre-production and basic cinematography.

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