Milk’d! A Reality Movie


Quick stats about the movie

Despite being a sock puppet in a world of actual people nobody, including Holly, has really noticed that she is smaller and more cotton-polyester blend than everyone else. When Holly’s uptight, by-the-book sister, Samantha runs out of cream for her coffee, Holly attempts to accomplish the mission set before her, but her boy-craziness and irrepressible enthusiasm get the best of her.

Creative team

Writers: Mauri Bernstein & Kevin B. Barron
Producer: BYOA Entertainment
Director: Mauri Bernstein & Danika Dinsmore

Filmmaker’s statement

Mauri Bernstein and Danika Dinsmore say:

“After following Holly Handelman‘s exploits for several years, we felt Holly deserved the attention that only a reality movie could provide. Fortunately, you don’t have to follow Holly around with two cameras for very long before her irrepressible enthusiasm overrides her good intentions and the unexpected can be expected.

We wanted to combine the idea of fourth-wall, multi-camera narrative comedy with the improvisational nature of real life. We attempted to capture Holly’s energy in all respects, including the high metabolism of the edit, with the integration of real people, real animals and real environments in a guerilla-style production. Luckily, when Holly’s around, the real world is a pretty friendly place to shoot.

The spontaneous nature of this production was also blessed by the creative contributions in front of and behind the camera. As if they had been performing as a team for years rather than hours, Adrian Neblitt and Blaine Anderson instantly brought Ice Milk and Earl Grey to freakishly funny life. Our dynamic camera duo of Thomas Billingsley and Philipp Schalast boldly stuck their lenses where no expensive camera should ever go. Holly survived a puppet-eating goat, some guy gave us three hours of free parking, and there was at least one sexy hook-up. It was a good shoot.

No animals were hurt in the making of this reality movie.”

About the filmmakers


Above: Mauri Bernstein & Danika Dinsmore

Getting stuff done in screen-based media, Mauri Bernstein has worked in a wide variety of capacities with all kinds of people, animals, and puppets for all sizes of stages and screens.

Danika Dinsmore is a writer, filmmaker, educator and person who makes things happen. Together they create delicious life-affirming screen-based entertainment through inclusivity, accessibility and humour.

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