The Man on the Cliff


Quick stats about the movie

A troubled man witnesses a struggle on a cliff at a local park. The line between what’s real and what’s not becomes blurred and leads to the man spiraling down a path possibly of his own making.

Creative team

Writer/producer/director: Metin Guler

Director’s statement

Metin Guler says:

“I used to walk regularly from my house to the Scarborough Bluffs in Toronto, which is essentially a string of wind-molded cliffs dropping to the edge of Lake of Ontario. It would take me 30 minutes to walk there but the view was worth it. I found it peaceful and exhilarating at the same time, standing at the edge of the Bluffs. I loved the location so much that I wanted to make a short film there. It’s not a big stretch to imagine someone falling off a cliff, when standing at the edge of one. I wanted to turn this peaceful spot into a menacing and a dreadful one. I wrote a quick short story on it and then put it aside since I wasn’t sure how to pull it off.

I had recently gotten the courage and enthusiasm to push ahead with filmmaking as a possible career; given my lifelong passion for film and storytelling. After making a few no-budget short films with family members, and honing my skills, I realized it was time to take a step up and create something more professional.

During a cinematography class, I heard about a year-long short film class at George Brown College. I jumped at the chance to take this opportunity to get my ideas off paper. I had the perfect location for a short student film with no budget that needed to stand out. I put together a crew that consisted of mostly friends with various amateur talents that selflessly threw themselves into the project. I think I got more out of their energy and creativity than I could have gotten from a professional crew with no personal connections.

I am a huge fan of The Twilight Zone, especially the original series with Rod Sterling: simple stories with great twists at the end, which also pose philosophical questions. I also love similar films that put their main character in situations that may at first seem real but later are found to be a figment of the character’s imagination thus reflecting their crumbling state of mind. I wanted to combine these two and came up with the idea of the same person being the witness, aggressor and victim of the same event. How would the main character react as he went from being one to the other?

The result is this short, sad and depressing character study: my first foray into the filmmaking profession with many more to come. It’s a film about how uncontrolled guilt and fear can push someone into the abyss. I’ve learned so much from the process and I realized that my passion lies with making films.”

About Metin Guler

Metin Guler

Metin Guler has a bachelor of science degree in astrophysics and a masters in financial economics from the University of Toronto. He has worked at TD Securities and Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan as a financial analyst for the last seven years. Though his career took him to more mathematical waters, Metin has been passionate about storytelling since he was a kid writing short stories, producing skits and acting in plays with his cousins. He has been a lover of film throughout his life. Since 2007, he has concentrated on learning the tricks of the trade by making short films outside work. After a few homemade short films, he completed his first major short film entitled, The Man On The Cliff as part of a short film class at George Brown College.

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