North American Perspective


Quick stats about the movie

Upon entering the company boardroom, Lionel finds his boss Bill contemplating a painting of a scenic landscape. Bill asks Lionel how he can help him. Lionel states his commitment to the company and requests a raise. Bill considers this for a moment and then metaphorically explains that Lionel is to be let go. He doesn’t want Lionel to end up like him: trapped in a lifeless job. Lionel protests but Bill has made his decision and leaves the room. Lionel is left to find his own meaning in the painting.

Creative team

Writer: Jason Booth
Director/producer: Brendon Sawatzky

Director’s statement

Brendon Sawatzky says:

“When Jay asked me to read the script for North American Perspective, he wanted my feedback before he submitted it as a writing assignment. After reading it, I not only told him that it was well done but that I wanted to direct and produce it.

It offered the chance to hone my skills as a director: two actors going back and forth, each wanting something different. I knew it would be something I would enjoy doing and also learn from.

About Brendon Sawatzky


Dividing his time between a number of different roles in the film, television and digital media industries, Brendon has primarily focused on producing.

In addition to producing four made-in-Manitoba feature films: Inertia, Who Loves the Sun, Euphoria and Hunting Season, Brendon also co-produced the television series House Party.

Most recently Brendon worked as a producer on the documentary Paper Nazis, the docudrama Hidden World of the Harem and the television specials CBC Short Shots 1 & 2.

Brendon is currently working as a producer for the National Film Board. He has previously held positions with the National Screen Institute and the Winnipeg Film Group. He is the Vice Chair of Film Training Manitoba and the Vice President of the Winnipeg Film Group.

In his spare time he has managed to direct and produce five short films, four of which he wrote.

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