The Exit


Quick stats about the movie

The morning after a friend’s wedding, Peter and Samantha – on a ‘relationship hiatus’ – discover that each has brought home a lover. When their one night stands, both a decade younger, emerge from their respective rooms, the story takes a surprising turn.

Creative team

Writer: Nicolas Billon
Director/producer: E. Jane Thompson
Producer: Danijel Margetic

Director’s statement

E. Jane Thompson says:

The Exit is a funny drama about commitment in today’s society. A couple in their early thirties has reached a critical point in their relationship – and now they’re acting out.

To the extent possible in a six-minute film, I wanted The Exit to have the same kind of impact as Cassavetes’s films like Slipstream and A Woman Under The Influence. Taking a page from Cassavetes, we worked extensively with improvisation in rehearsal.

Nicolas Billon’s darkly witty script walks a fine line between drama and comedy.

Getting the tone right was the biggest challenge in making the film. I turned to Ernst Lubitsch’s romantic comedies from the 1930s and 40s: Design For Living, Shop Around The Corner, Heaven Can Wait. Their verbal wit, frequent entrances and exits, splendid performances, elegant production design and stylish camera work all inspired how I approached casting and making The Exit.

About E. Jane Thompson


Jane is a multi-award-winning filmmaker, television director and educator.

A Gemini for Best Short Drama for her short film Letter From Francis launched her into a period in which she directed over 50 hours of dramatic television series (Best Direction Gemini for Madison) and a television movie, Coming Of Age (two Best Actor Geminis and a Best TV Movie Gemini nomination).

Her short films have been selected to screen at dozens of film festivals and won over half a dozen awards, most recently a Gold Remi for The Exit at Worldfest Houston. They have sold to broadcasters around the world. She has just completed her fourth short, A Kindness.

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