Paddy’s Paradise


Quick stats about the movie

Paddy is a lonely homeless man who spends most of his time drinking alone in the park or living in a broken down telephone box waiting for his dead wife to call.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Alex Masterton

Filmmaker’s statement

“After my homeless friend passed away, I felt compelled to make Paddy’s Paradise as a tribute to him and for anyone else in the world who is currently suffering or has suffered the plight of homelessness.

Shot for very little money, the film was only made possible thanks to the generosity and kind support of many people. I hope it helps to raise awareness of homelessness.”

About Alex Masterton

Alex Masterton

Alex Masterton is a filmmaker and musician born in England, but raised in Canada.

Since graduating from the University of Toronto and Goldsmith’s College, he has worked as a writer, director, producer and film lecturer.

His short films are personal, mainly inspired by the events and people from his life.

He is currently developing an original feature film screenplay.

Visit the official Paddy’s Paradise website.

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