Pearly Nights

Pearly Nights short film

Quick stats about the movie

When a lonely dentist is seduced by one of his patients, his perfect relationship turns into a living nightmare.

Creative team

Writer/director: Amy McLeish
Producers: Amanda Verhagen, Amelia Morris

Filmmaker’s statement

Pearly Nights is the story of Brian – a lonely, troubled dentist who embarks upon an intense relationship with one of his patients.

The film opens with a heartbroken Brian in his therapist’s office, where he talks through his break-up with Kate. We are guided through their relationship by Brian’s therapist, who eventually reveals the affair was fabricated in Brian’s mind and he is not the innocent victim we first believed him to be.

As the first screenplay I had ever written, Pearly Nights took a lot of inspiration from my personal favourite films. First and foremost, Charlie Kaufman and Michel Gondry’s masterpiece, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Among its soft, hazy colours and beautiful score, Eternal Sunshine, for me, is an ode to the concept of memory and a fabulously nonlinear journey through a relationship.

I drew on this idea for Pearly Nights. I wanted to explore a relationship between two people in a non-traditional way, with a dark twist. Pearly Nights invites its audience into the darkness under the dentist’s lamp.

About Amy McLeish

Amy McLeish

Amy is a British filmmaker currently living in Vancouver.

With her work in performing arts grounded in theatre, Amy’s focus is on character-driven, detail-orientated storytelling. Having written her dissertation at the University of Manchester on gender film theory (focused particularly around serial killers and psychopaths in film), Amy’s directorial practice is often focused around gender.

Alongside Pearly Nights, Amy is currently in post-production for the short horror film, Camping Trip, which she directed in September 2017, scheduled for release in 2018.

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