Pop Switch


Quick stats about the movie

Frank is almost 50 and feels too old to become a father for the first time. His wife Estelle forces the issue on her 40th birthday when she secretly puts them back on the adoption wait list.

When a call comes about a baby girl, Frank has to decide whether he’s ready to be a ‘Pop’ or not.

Creative team

Writer: Lucia Frangione
Director: Jason R. Goode
Producer: Krista Kelloway

Filmmaker’s statement

“When I set out to visualize a script, I like to be able to use a single word that describes not only the subtext of the entire film, but also every scene. In the case of Lucia Frangione’s wonderful script for Pop Switch, I used the word ‘invasion’ —specifically, an invasion of Frank’s life.

Frank (played by Michael Kopsa) is a man in his late forties struggling with his wife Estelle’s (Lucia Frangione) wish to have a child so late in the game. His relationship with her is deteriorating because just the idea of having a child is an unwelcome intrusion in Frank’s life.

But this invasion eventually breaks his heart open and causes him to face the thing that’s been stopping him from taking the first steps toward fatherhood — namely, his relationship with his father. And Frank’s journey is a process all parents can relate to: children come into our lives and invade us in the places we least expect it, leaving us vulnerable, and – if we are willing – giving us a chance to grow as human beings.”

About Jason R. Goode

Jason’s directorial work includes the short films The Hitchhiker, Pop Switch and The Planting.

His most recent short film, Late (also programmed in the NSI Online Short Film Festival), was selected by Telefilm Canada for its Not Short On Talent Program at Cannes 2012.

He recently directed John Patrick Shanley’s Danny and the Deep Blue Sea at Pacific Theatre in Vancouver, receiving a Jessie award nomination for best direction (small theatre).

Jason is actively developing his first feature film, Numb, with producing partner Dylan Jenkinson.

Jason holds a masters degree from Regent College, Vancouver. He lives in White Rock, BC with his wife and three daughters.

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