The Ties Between Us


Quick stats about the movie

Jack, a young student, finds himself overwhelmed and listless following an event that changed his life forever. With nowhere to go, he turns to the help of his old friend Amy, herself still reeling from the tragedy.

Creative team

Writer/director: Christer Harris
Producer: Felicia Baird

Filmmaker’s statement

“I wrote The Ties Between Us during a very difficult time in my life where guilt, loss and listlessness were the prevailing emotions.

The story arose from situations that had happened to me and close friends in the past and was an intense process to put on paper. My hope is that these emotions came through in the final film.

We shot overnight for two days in November to complete the film and shot the majority in my hometown of Mississauga. For the scene in the bar, we filmed in a local pub that I knew well. It was an incredibly surreal experience for me to film my first short film in a bar where certain elements I had implemented into the script took place in real life.

Thanks to my incredible cast and crew who worked through those long nights to realize this vision, I can honestly say it was a very cathartic experience making this film.”

About Christer Harris

Christer Harris knew he wanted to be a filmmaker from the age of six.

After shrugging off the uncertainty and fear of pursuing his dreams, he attended Humber College in Toronto for filmmaking and television production. Graduating in 2013 at the top of his class, Christer moved on to work as cinematographer, editor and associate producer for two automotive television series on NBCSports.

Having a job that takes him across the globe to film in exotic locations, Christer still writes and directs short films during his downtime.

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