Quick stats about the movie

The four elements are the means and the content in this animated experimental short using scratch-on-35mm-film, sand, blown sugar, object, and watercolour paper-puppet animation techniques.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Lynn Dana Wilton

Director’s statement

Lynn Dana Wilton says:

“Toronto Animated Image Society (TAIS) put out a request for proposals regarding the 2011 Nuit Blanche festival with the theme of ‘The Elements.’

Half a dozen experimental shorts would run on the One Stop Media network’s TTC subway monitors (in association with Art 4 Commuters, The Ontario Arts Council, and The Toronto Arts Council) through the night, though, necessarily, silent and in a very narrow aspect ratio.

(Re)Cycle, now in a more standard aspect ration and with sound, strove to draw attention to the connections between the elements in this world by integrating them into both the content and the media choices.

FIRE begins with a lightning strike then the bubbling magma at the centre of the earth told through scratching 35 mm film. Light from our modern captured fire, electricity, shines through to illuminate the magma tunneling upwards through the …

EARTH: sand animation shows us the layers of the mantle.  Fossils (actual and sculpted) are passed on the way to a volcanic eruption of ash into the …

AIR where it dissipates into steam portrayed by sifted sugar then blown clear.  The wind stirs a maple tree taking the keys (collected after “helicopter-ing” down) through the sky where seagulls pass on their way to the seaside. When the gulls target a school of flying fish skimming by, the fish dive to take us under the …

WATER: lubricant splashes and we enter a world populated by watercolour paper puppets carrying us deeper. When a passing whale’s tail stirs up a phosphorescent wake, in the return to scratch-on-film, we see the mysterious lights of the deep ocean where life began.

We’ve returned to the strange fires of the earth’s core.”

About Lynn Dana Wilton


Lynn Dana Wilton is an animator/designer/artist/Jill-of-many-trades and former board member of TAIS. She holds a diploma in Classical Animation from Sheridan and a Bachelor of Applied Arts Interior Design from Ryerson.

She trained classically and her commercial work has principally involved animated stop-motion and build for television series and specials including Glenn Martin, DDS, Rick & Steve, A Miser Brothers’ Christmas, Life’s A Zoo.tv, Lunar Jim, A Cape Breton Ghost Story, and Henry’s World.

Lynn delights in the more experimental end of the animation pool and is particularly pleased with her involvement in Scratch Track, a cameraless film project performed live with hand-drawn sound (yes, hand-drawn!) at the 2002 Ottawa Festival.

See some of her work on Vimeo and her credits at IMDb. Look for her writing in an upcoming issue of On Spec magazine later this year.

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