Rusted Pyre


Quick stats about the movie

Rusted Pyre follows Ginny (Samantha Somer Wilson) and Sally (Brooke Palsson) as they venture out in the middle of winter a ways out of town to endure a rite of passage in a secluded, abandoned old car. The two share a ghost story that turns in to a power struggle before it takes a terrifying twist as the story becomes a new ghost story. Mean Girls meets Ginger Snaps in this compact horror flick.

Creative team

Writer: Daniel Audet
Director/editor: Laurence Cohen
Producer: David Cormican
Composer: Andrew Raiher
Cast: Brooke Palsson, Samantha Somer Wilson

Director’s statement

Laurence Cohen says:

“It’s interesting to reflect on a project that I had pitched myself for, as director, in the spring of 2009 and which was finally shot in the fall of 2010.

The shoot is about a year and a half behind me at this point and the film is nearing its tail-end of a healthy festival run. Until Rusted Pyre I was quite comfortable to stay in the realm of whimsical, imaginative-type stories with which I found safety. It scared me to try and endeavor a dark ghost-story type of a project.

Rusted Pyre is a milestone for me in terms of stepping out of my comfort zone as a director, establishing a wonderful working relationship with a producer and composer and my first attempt at directing someone else’s writing!

In the process of making this film, I’ve written many a director’s visions for the project, one even in the tone of a nefarious pirate’s ghost story. I’ve identified a few memories in my own life which allowed me insight into Sally and Ginny’s characters and while I’d love to share those, the characters ultimately belong to the story at this point and can be interpreted by the audience whichever way they like.

As for a personal statement on the film as a whole, in retrospect, my personal goal was to simply serve the needs of the story and make a kick-ass, spooky tale that was entertaining, gripping and included a gutsy and bold ending.”

About Laurence Cohen


At 25 Laurence completed work in visual effects for Gulliver’s Travels, Thor and Captain America. This represents a dream of working in movies since a very young age with his beginnings in claymation, 3D computer animation and his eventual progression to filmmaking.

Rusted Pyre screened at Festival de Cannes 2011 as part of Telefilm’s Canada at Cannes Not Short on Talent and in Toronto for the CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival. A dozen screenings, nominations and awards later, the Rusted Pyre team is honored to be a part of the NSI Online Short Film Festival.

Laurence most recently directed and edited the WW1 thriller Will for producers David Cormican, Andrew Raiher and Siobhan McCarthy which is about to begin its festival circuit.

Now 27, Laurence is slated to edit two feature films for directors Rafal Zielinski and Tanya Dorri in fall and winter 2012. He is also excitedly preparing for his feature film directorial debut, going into production August 2012.

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