Quick stats about the movie

Brad has a secret. Three, actually. The first is that he’s infatuated with his roommate, Kathy. Unfortunately, the frustration of keeping the first secret led him to commit the second. Which, according to his doctor, may have led to the third.

So Brad’s got some explaining to do.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Craig Benzan

Director’s statement

Craig Benzan says:

“The seed of Transfusance came about while I was washing dishes at home and the key phrase from the confession of the film popped into my head. After I stopped laughing to myself I wrote it down, intending – somehow, some way – to share it with the world.

Some time later I wrote a short script based around the phrase and shared it with my friends, actors Heath Whitelock and Lauren McConnell, hoping they would be interested in playing the leads. Surprisingly, they were.

They also had some great ideas for the script that allowed me to take my silly idea and give it the veneer of substance, which fit nicely with the ultra‐serious tone I was striving for.

After a few short days of shooting and a not‐inconsiderable period editing, the final touch was the incredible music composition and sound mixing that Heath, a professional musician and producer, graciously provided for the film.

The result is Transfusance.

About Craig Benzan


Craig Benzan is a director, writer and editor living in Vancouver, BC.

After a successful multi‐year career as a freelance graphic designer, a few years ago Craig returned to his first love: filmmaking. Since that time he’s directed a handful of commercials and has written and directed seven short films.

His latest, Transfusance, is a ridiculously overwrought comedy inspired by his many unsuccessful attempts at love.

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