Quick stats about the movie

On a walk home, a melancholy young women finds a curious looking pair of spectacles and, when she decides to try them on, she’s surprised to find herself in the presence of a quirky new friend.

Creative team

Writer/producer/co-director: Anja Hladky
Co-director: Steven Schwartz

Filmmaker’s statement

“It all began as a little musing, many moons ago, when I found a pair of mangled glasses on a frosty winter walk. There was something mysteriously intriguing about them.

Years later, through a series of both fortunate and less fortunate events, I was given the opportunity to turn that musing into a story. With the help of a small, but amazingly creative and ebullient team, Spectacular was brought to life.”

About Anja Hladky

Anja Hladky

Anja studied graphic design at Red River College for three years. This was an unlikely place to create film but was also the birthplace of Spectacular. She is now working as a full-time graphic designer in Winnipeg.

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