Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear … Say Goodnight


Quick stats about the movie

A sickness characterized by cannibalistic hunger and uncontrollable rage is sweeping the population. And ever since Erin was bitten, it has been rapidly taking over. She hasn’t got much time to decide what lengths she will go to to save her daughters from a fate worse than death.

Creative team

Writer/co-producer: Jordan Keith
Director/co-producer: Janin Palahicky
Co-producer: Rebecca Strom

Filmmaker’s statement

“Originally this film was conceived and filmed for a zombie film festival at the Rio Theatre in Vancouver. We were excited to make a zombie film but wanted to pull it off while still staying true to the type of film that we love to make: films that have an emphasis on character on story instead of effects and visual spectacle.

We knew the festival would be overrun with gore and special effects, so we set out to make a zombie film with an almost complete absence of zombies and a story that was powerful and worth telling in its own right.

We wanted a story much like the newer zombie concepts that have begun to emerge, like The Walking Dead, and stories of the like that really strive to be dramatic and powerful stories on their own, and just simply use a zombie apocalypse as a catalyst for the story.”

About Janin Palahicky

Janin Palahicky

A native of Vancouver, Janin spent his younger years travelling and honing his artistic talents before being accepted into the 2009 directing stream in the prestigious Langara College Film Arts program.

In the short time since the conclusion of the course, Janin has helped crew the Canadian independent feature Rain Down, as well as lending his hand in the editing room for the film’s behind-the-scenes

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