The Conversation


Quick stats about the movie

Knowing he will end their affair, a woman accepts an invitation from her partner for a drink at their local bar.

Creative team

Filmmaker: Laura Cassis
Director: Ramona Milano
Writer/producer: Laura Cassis

Director’s statement

Laura Cassis says:

“Entering filmmaking from a literary background, the appeal of the short film is much like the allure of the short story: condensed density.

The challenge I see before me as a short film, filmmaker, is to balance space, cinematography and dialogue without compromise to either. The commonality in my films thus far is that very intention and so even in their story differences, they intersect via framework and sensibility.

Living and working in Toronto has been commensurate in my exposure to artists (international and local) and through mutual interest in growing our knowledge and experience we are bridging the distance between concept and production.”

About Laura Cassis

Laura Cassis

Laura Cassis is an emerging Toronto independent filmmaker, playwright and novelist.

In 2010, Laura wrote and produced three plays in Toronto including sold-out performances at the Lower Ossington Theatre and the Bread & Circus Theatre.

In October 2010 Laura completed her first short film The Conversation and is currently in post-production of a short narrative film Missed Connections coming fall 2011. She’s also beginning production of a stop-motion animation The Girl Who Lived in a Parmesan Wheel.

In between films, Laura is completing her first novel, Fativity.

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