The Island


Quick stats about the movie

A young couple’s relationship is on the rocks. They make a fateful decision to journey to a mysterious island – an island which may have the power to solve their relationship woes.

Creative team

Writer: Trevor Kristjanson
Directors: Trevor Kristjanson, Kev Tabachnick
Producers: Chaz Beaudette, Trevor Kristjanson, Kev Tabachnick

Filmmaker’s statement

Myself, Kev Tabachnick, Chaz Beaudette, Leila Kristjanson and Alyssa Wyspianski created The Island for Gimli Film Festival’s 48-hour film competition in 2015.

This was truly one of the most fun projects I’ve been part of because we had to make a short film – from concept to completion – in under 48 hours.

In that time we had to constantly overcome obstacles which almost stopped the film from being finished: Chaz got sick and couldn’t make it out; Alyssa was on a time-crunch and couldn’t shoot all day; we had brutal weather (which doesn’t really come across in the film) to contend with while filming on an actual island; and the power went out as we tried to record a score with my younger sister Leila. I think our camera and laptop batteries both died minutes after recording a good take of the score.

It’s always a great feeling to pull off making another movie with your friends. Here’s hoping you enjoy our movie as much as we enjoyed making it.

About Trevor Kristjanson

Trevor Kristjanson

Trevor began making home videos with his teenage friends growing up in the small town of Gimli, Manitoba. Movie-making has been his passion ever since.

In 2012, Trevor served as the director’s apprentice on the CBC television movie Jack. During this time, he wrote and produced the short film Sea Legs for Eagle Vision Inc.

Trevor has acted in dozens of short films, web series and feature films.

Trevor has also written and directed several short films. His most recent work, Boy Toys has been receiving awards and nominations from several festivals on the circuit including a nomination for best comedy at the prestigious Yorkton Film Festival.

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