Quick stats about the movie

A German general and his soldier are holed up in a house in war torn France D-Day when two Canadian infantry happen upon the same room hoping for sniper vantage.

A stand off ensues and only one Canadian and the General are alive, the General mortally wounded. They each wait for re-enforcement troops to reach their rally point.

Gradually the enemy dissolves for both of them, resulting in one more decent act before one of them dies.

Creative team

Writer/director: Cam Patterson
Producer: Ray Blumenfeld

Director’s statement

Cam Patterson says:

“The concept for Truce came out of the countless stories I had of the war while growing up. How the propaganda of the day left attitudes of the enemy well after the cease fires declared world peace.

But what if two enemies were to discover they really weren’t that different. If not for war, would they be friends? The script grew from this theme, and the theme dictated the stylistic choices made to shoot the film.

Truce represented my vision as a director for the first time, in that what I truly wanted to get was realized. The set was built, utterly every aspect of the frame and composition and performance and music contributed to the overall tension, true to the theme, and the story. I’m very proud of this film.”

About Cam Patterson

Cam Patterson

After a 15 year music career, Cam pursued writing and directing. After penning two novel manuscripts, he wrote his first script Silent Parade, a mini-series about the Winnipeg General Strike of 1919.

Shortly after, he optioned A Shake in the Tree to Mind’s Eye Pictures and won second draft funding from Harold Greenberg for the thriller The Need to Know. He was commissioned by Eagle Vision to pen the WWII drama Lipstick and a Revolver: the Peggy Taylor Story, and horror films for BGP productions in the US.

Truce is Cam’s fourth short film. He has directed music videos and commercials, with two more shorts and his first feature now in development.

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