Quick stats about the movie

As childhood games fade into the troubles of adulthood, two estranged friends, Shawn and Nicole wake up to find their lives less than ideal.

When Nicole calls out for help, Shawn returns home only to find their relationship in tatters and their friendship on the line.

Creative team

Writer: Chris McLeod
Director: Doris Cheung-Joseph
Producer: Doris Cheung-Joseph & Meghan Kinsley

Director’s statement

Doris Cheung-Joseph says:

“As a filmmaker I am drawn to stories about the human condition so I thought Vintage, written by the talented Chris McLeod, was the perfect script for me. Vintage is a coming-of-age film where themes about excess, attempted suicide, growing up and growing apart are interwoven to paint a picture of self realization and loathing in the lives of two young woman, Shawn and Nicole.

The super-talented actors, Meghan Kinsley (Shawn) and Olivia Keane (Nicole) were up for anything and everything and they were amazing to work with. I was also very lucky to have a talented and committed crew to support us.

Vintage is my first attempt at exploring emotional and personal themes. I hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to send feedback to”

About Doris Cheung-Joseph


Creating beautiful images while telling stories has always been a passion for Doris and is proven in her work as an award-winning magazine art director.

After spending many years designing and art directing magazines like Vancouver, Western Living, Seattle and BC Business, she decided to take a leap of faith and learn the art of filmmaking.

Although filmmaking is a relatively new medium for Doris, she revels in its complexity and possibilities. From writing, directing and producing to camera, editing and sound design, Doris’ varied interests have lead her to work on a variety of short film projects in the past year.

Doris lives and works in Vancouver, BC. She is an alumni of UBC, has studied at Emily Carr Institute of Art + Design, the School of Visual Art, NYC with Milton Glaser and has recently graduated from the Langara College Film Arts Directing Program where she produced and directed the film Vintage.

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