Wendy 1968


Quick stats about the movie

A young hippie woman goes into a legion to find the pilot of the Mosquito fighter-bomber in which her father was the navigator during WWII.

The woman’s father, who recently died, has sent her to give this pilot a letter. The letter contains a surprising revelation.

Creative team

Writer: John Prowse
Directors: Chad Costen, John Prowse
Producer: Bronwen Smith, Laureen Smith, Skye Radies

Filmmaker’s statement

This film was inspired by its location, the Billy Bishop Legion in Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighbourhood.

The ‘Billy’ is a branch of the Royal Canadian Legion named after the Canadian fighter pilot who was the top scoring allied ace of WWI who went on to be an RCAF general in WWII.

In 1968 the neighborhood was Canada’s centre of hippy culture, the home to rebellious youth from across the country and many draft dodgers from the USA.

The legion would have been an island of buzz-cuts and old soldiers in a sea of long-hairs and flag burners. This was the perfect setting for a story of generational conflict and lost connections.

About Chad Costen

Chad Costen

Chad began his career in animation and props production, having spent many years developing his skills on both personal projects and commercial productions.

His talent and interests range from costume design and creature effects to puppetry and post-production but his main focus has always been storytelling.

Chad is a graduate of the Vancouver Film School Film production program, the same institution where he now teaches directing, pre-production and basic cinematography.

About John Prowse

John Prowse

Based in Vancouver, John is an actor and director of both stage and screen. Wendy 1968 is John’s debut as a writer/director in film.

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