Women Not Permitted

Women Not Permitted

Quick stats about the movie

While at a gay men’s bathhouse, three men – each harbouring their own latent contempt for women – are visited by a mysterious stranger known only as The Woman.

Through surreal dreams and memories, she engages in a battle of wits with each man, exposing the misogyny that lurks just behind the steam.

Creative team

Writer/director: Brad McDermott
Producer: Fred Kuhr

Filmmaker’s statement

Growing up gay, I always felt a certain kinship with women. After all, sexism and what we now call toxic masculinity are behind both misogyny and homophobia.

So it surprised me when I discovered how much misogyny exists within the gay male community. And it seemed to go beyond just not being attracted to women. I’ve known too many gay men who use women as scapegoats, putting down what is feminine to boost their own feelings of masculinity. That misogyny could take the form of cruel jokes about female anatomy, treating women poorly to fight off their own latent feelings, or even hating one’s own voice because it sounds “like a girl’s.”

I thought, if only a ‘super woman’ could get into these men’s heads, exposing them to their own repressed anger and resentment, showing them the pain their misogyny causes. As a filmmaker, I hope to do just that with Women Not Permitted.

About Brad McDermott

Brad McDermott

Brad McDermott is a Toronto-based screenwriter and filmmaker. He is also one half of Ticktock Pictures, the production company he founded in 2013 with partner Fred Kuhr.

Together, their work has a particular focus on issues relevant to the LGBTQ community. Their films have been shown at over 20 film festivals in Canada, the United States and Europe, winning multiple awards.

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