Aurora short film

Quick stats about the movie

Mesmerizing kaleidoscopic images captured using one kaleidoscope, three film cameras, three film formats (S8, S16 and 35), finished at the lab and then digitized.

Add an original score and sound design (inspired by the music of Philip Glass, Tangerine Dream and Canadian composer Andrew Staniland), this short, abstract film will take you on a visual journey.

Creative team

Director/producer: Geraldine Carr
Cinematographer: aAron munson
Composer and sound designer: Paul Morgan Donald

Filmmaker’s statement

I was inspired to make Aurora because of my passion for kaleidoscopes and the kaleidoscopic image.

This abstract film is an extension of previous works. In film school I created a short piece with a lipstick camera and remapped the images, and my first film out of film school was a dance film called Dance of the Kaleidoscope.

My goal in making Aurora was to use one kaleidoscope and three different film formats: Super 8, S16 and 35. It was an endeavour to explore the visual differences, and also to create a piece that took the viewer on a journey, unique and specific to themselves.

I worked with cinematographer aAron munson and we placed each camera on one end of the kaleidoscope, and then placed a light at the other end. Once rolling, we turned the kaleidoscope at different speeds and for different lengths of time. With the S16 we used various lenses.

Once I edited the piece together, I worked with Paul Morgan Donald who composed the score and sound design. My influences for sound were Tangerine Dream, Philip Glass and Canadian composer Andrew Staniland.

It is my goal to expand working with kaleidoscopes and the moving image into a video installation in the near future.

About Geraldine Carr

Geraldine Carr

Award-winning filmmaker Geraldine Carr (Aurora, Sweet Sixteen, Voila!, Maud Mary & the Titanic, Dance of the Kaleidoscope, Love-god Lying) has a passion for story, cinema and the creative process.

She is currently in post-production on a documentary called The Wise Fool featuring mask and clown teacher/director Jan Henderson who returned to the stage at 71 to perform physical comedy. The Wise Fool highlights Henderson’s perspective on clown as an art form, her philosophy on clown and also why clown is so important in today’s society.

Standout screenings for Geraldine include the curation of her film Maud Mary & the Titanic in Turkey at the 2015 Flying Broom International Women’s Film Festival, as well as the invitation to screen Maud Mary & the Titanic at the SOHO International Film Festival in NYC in 2012 as part of the Titanic’s centennial.

Geraldine is an alumna of Women in the Director’s Chair (2010 & 2016) and is a graduate of the film production program at Confederation College.

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