The Change


Quick stats about the movie

An underground revolution is about to happen against the so-called perfect society. Does Ashi follow her soulmate, who wants to stay safe in their hidden life, or her best friend and try to rise up to the world above? Or does she stand alone and risk losing everything?

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Sam Coyle

Filmmaker’s statement

“This film was inspired by a dream I had.

In the dream I was living in a world where artists were kicked out of the country to create a perfect society. This film grew from the thought of what that would be like.

I am apart of the YEAA (Young Emerging Actors Assembly) through ACTRA. That year I was curating an initiative they have to create multicultural, diverse films. They help foster new filmmakers to tell untold stories.”

About Sam Coyle

Sam Coyle

This is Sam Coyle‘s directorial debut.

She is an actress turned writer, producer and now director. She studied acting at the HB Studio in New York City. Since being back in Toronto she has started two production companies Wallflower Films and Found Productions. Between the two companies Sam has made nine short films, one webseries and is in development on a TV series.

Wallflower Films is currently in pre-production on its first feature.

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