Watching Karla Homolka

Still from short film Watching Karla Homolka

Quick stats about the movie

Karla Homolka is one of Canada’s most famous criminals. After serving only 12 years in prison she was released and is now living in Quebec, Canada. But is she really free?

Creative team

Writer: Maggie Parkhill
Director: Jordan Steinhauer
Producer: Maureen McEwan

Filmmaker’s statement

Writer Maggie Parkhill, producer Maureen McEwan and I initially bonded over our mutual interest in true crime. So when Maureen discovered the Watching Karla Homolka Facebook page and pitched the idea for this documentary, we all knew we had stumbled upon something great.

Watching Karla Homolka is a social media group with over 9,000 followers who have dedicated almost 15 years to tracking Karla Homolka’s every move and posting it for the public.

Ever since I took my initial deep dive into the crimes of Karla Homolka and the Facebook page, I’ve asked myself the same questions: what is the purpose of the Canadian justice system – to punish or rehabilitate? If you do the crime and serve the time – no matter how short it may be – do you deserve to be free?

Nearly two years later I’m not sure I have an answer.

About Jordan Steinhauer

Jordan Steinhauer

Jordan Steinhauer is a filmmaker and journalist from St. John’s, NL, currently based in Toronto.

Some of her previous work includes the St. John’s Women’s Film Festival documentary selection The View From Here, CBC’s It Is Good, the TVO Short Doc Contest top 10 finalist I Am Apollo and the St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival [Interactive] Incubator web series, Absorbed.

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