What You’re Ready For


Quick stats about the movie

As his marriage crumbles, the narrator, inspired by his estranged wife, delves into the motivational teachings of self-help author and spiritual guide, Dr. Edgar O. Laird. The taping of Laird’s latest promotional video gives the narrator a rare opportunity to experience the doctor’s lessons up close and personal, and more importantly, to find a new outlook on life in the wake of his tragic loss.

The second film in director Corey Lee’s Kilter Trilogy, What You’re Ready For is based on the story of the same name by John Gould, from his 2003 Giller prize shortlisted collection, kilter: 55 fictions.

Creative team

Writer/producer/director: Corey Lee
Producer: Tina Sinha

Director’s statement

Corey Lee says:

“There are so many great stories and wonderfully cinematic bits in John Gould’s kilter: 55 fictions collection, but What You’re Ready For hit me pretty early on. There is just such an exacting and precise wrath wrapped up in the obsessive psychosis of the narrator’s ultra calm and sane exterior. And the collision course that he and Laird are on is so brilliantly laid out in the original story. I thought it would make a delightfully dark, sad and funny film. A perfect second chapter in this trilogy based on his kilter stories.

I love how John’s story holds Dr. Laird accountable. None of us live perfect error-free lives, including these people who are offering advice. To preach one thing, then turn around and do the opposite, simply because in your own mind, you can justify it, well, that is morally wrong. Some of us might need to be pointed in a better, more healthy direction and I don’t see anything wrong with seeking out that advice, but don’t think that whoever you are looking to for guidance isn’t just as capable of screwing up as easily as you are.”

About Corey Lee

Corey Lee

Corey has worked in many facets of the motion picture business since the mid 1990’s. He has written, directed, produced and co-edited the dramatic feature film, Defining Edward, which premiered in Toronto at the 2003 ReelWorld Film Festival and was licensed by Corus Entertainment’s Movie Central.

Corey has crafted music videos and short films including the kilter trilogy, adapted from the 2003 Giller prize short-listed collection kilter: 55 fictions by John Gould. The trilogy contains the three films The Perfect Moment, What You’re Ready For and In Translation which have received nine awards and 18 nominations. His recent work also includes the National Film Board co-produced feature documentary, Legend of a Warrior which premiered at Hot Docs 2012 and is currently in release across Canada. Other recent work includes the short films Blow Me a Kiss and the experimental drama Awaken.

Corey is currently in development on several projects including the dramatic feature films Fixer, All Things Not Forgotten and the documentary television series Guts. He is an instructor of screenwriting, directing and the filmmaking process at the Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers. The majority of his films are archived in the National Collection at Library and Archives Canada.

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